Engine Max. Power
Engine Max. Torque
Fuel Efficiency (Combined cycle)
7.2 L/100km1
Luggage Capacity
392 Litres

No permission necessary

The SUV that can keep up with you is finally here. Boasting the right amount of SUV toughness combined with the agility of a hatch, the T‑Roc is athletic, elegant and practical. It’s all of the perks with none of the trade-offs, because that’s what you deserve.

T-Roc trims
Discover / Enquire: T-Roc range below.

  • T-Roc 140TSI Sport 7-Speed DSG
    2.0 litre TSI, 140 kW, 7-Speed DSG, Petrol
  • T-Roc X Special Edition 7-Speed DSG
    2.0 litre TSI, 140 kW, 7-Speed DSG, Petrol
iconic style
iconic style
An iconic style
iconic style
An iconic style
A milestone in SUV design.

You want a car that’s as confident as you are, that challenges the status quo, that leads the pack and refuses to follow. One with bold, striking design and all the advanced technological features you need to feel like you rule the road. One that combines the presence and dominance of an SUV, with the dynamism of a compact hatchback. Well, look no further.

Overseas model shown. Local specifications may vary

Design and performance
The T-Roc was born confident.
  • Exterior design
    Exterior design
    Stands out

    You want a Pure White body and black roof? You got it. Red roof with a Pure White body? No problem. With a vast range of colour customisations options, the new T-Roc lets you unleash your creativity.

    Looking for something more athletic? Our sports pack races ahead of the competition, with Front sport seats, stainless steel pedals, red brake discs and black roof lining, available on the SEL trim.

  • Lighting concept
    Lighting concept
    Puts style in the spotlight

    By day or night, the T-Roc’s lighting concept shines bright with its striking daytime running lights built into the bumpers. Because the indicators are built into the daytime driving lights, they really catch the eye when it is time to turn off or change lane.

  • Engines
    Power to perform

    The TSI petrol engines for the new T-Roc pack a punch, refusing to compromise between power and efficiency. You benefit from maximum torque even at low engine speeds. Or choose the economical TDI diesel engines with turbocharging and direct fuel injection.

  • Sports pack
    Sports pack
    Tuned to perfection

    The optional Sport pack, featuring sport suspension, offers added driving pleasure with outstanding handling. That’s because it provides you with a finely tuned suspension, dampers and stabilizers. As a result, you can harness the T-Roc’s full performance, while still keeping control. The progressive steering in the Sport pack gives you better control when driving dynamically and means that day-to-day driving becomes a pleasure.

    Stay in control

    If you opt for a 4MOTION engine, the new T-Roc will intelligently allocate the engine’s power across all four wheels as needed. The result? It prevents wheel spin and locking, making sure your T-Roc gains traction on almost any terrain.

    And for the ultimate driving enjoyment, you can combine 4MOTION with handling control systems, such as Electronic Stability Control, traction control system, engine drag torque control and electronic differential lock.

Self-confidence comes from within.

Robust, modern and elegant, the interior of the T-Roc embraces the future, combining an all-new design with Volkswagen’s characteristic build quality. With its high riding-position and plenty of space for occupants and luggage alike, the T-Roc offers all you could ask for in terms of comfort, style and convenience.

Overseas model shown. Local specifications may vary

Be entertained
Everything you want, at your fingertips
  • Radio and navigation
    Radio and navigation
    Integrated entertainment

    In your T-Roc you decide what’s on. You can choose from two radios, each with matching loudspeakers, intuitive controls and plenty of connection options. Or if you love to explore, you can opt for the Discover navigation system, which will help you discover new attractions in your area.

  • beats soundsystem
    beats soundsystem
    Bring the noise

    Turn it up – your own personal gig awaits! On request, a system created by sound specialists beats Electronics makes sure your T-Roc has just the right level of bass. beats by Dre headphones aren’t the only way to demonstrate just how good your music sounds.

  • Voice control
    Voice control
    You’re in command

    The T-Roc’s optional voice control function means you can make a command without lifting a finger. And it’s not just the car that will respond to your voice – with outstanding call quality, people you speak to on the phone will be hanging off your every word.

  • Car-Net
    Connects car and phone

    Now your car can do almost as much as your phone. The Car-Net Guide & Inform, Car-Net App-Connect and Car-Net Security & Service packages have plenty to offer to make sure you’re connected to what matters most.

Confident & Intuitive.

With its impressive range of driver assistance systems, you can be confident the T-Roc has your safety covered. And with the latest in-car entertainment, as well as many connectivity and convenience features, it has fun and practicality covered, too.

Overseas model shown. Local specifications may vary

Driver assistance
Tackle life head on
  • Park Assist
    Park Assist
    Makes parking a breeze

    With Parking sensors you’ll feel like you have eyes in the back of your head. Front and rear sensors, audio signals and a visual display guide your every move, so you never need to worry about getting into – or out of – a tight spot again. Or if you’re feeling more hands off, Park Assist not only helps you to find an ideal parking space but actually steers the car too – all you need to do is operate the accelerator, clutch and brake pedals.

  • Safety features
    Safety features
    Protection on the road

    Advanced safety features mean you’re always prepared for the unexpected. From audio alerts that warn you about cars, pedestrians and obstacles that are too close to your car, to emergency braking systems that reduce the risk of an accident and lessen the impact of a collision. The T-Roc gives you a helping hand when you need it most.

  • Side Assist Plus
    Side Assist Plus
    Watching your back

    Now there’s no more need to worry about your blind spot: the new T-Roc has your back. The optional Side Assist Plus uses an LED display on your wing mirror to warn you if there’s a vehicle you might not be able to see – and combined with Lane Assist, it can even help correct your steering to avoid an accident.

    And for tricky parking situations, Rear Traffic Alert lets you know if another car, pedestrian or cyclist is approaching you from the side.

  • Front Assist with City Emergency Braking
    Front Assist with City Emergency Braking
    Eyes front

    The new T-Roc helps you fearlessly handle tricky situations. If Front Assist detects a possible collision, it will let you know with an audible and visual warning and will prepare the new T-Roc for braking. If you don’t react in time, City Emergency Braking steps in to slow the car, which can reduce the impact speed or may even avoid a collision. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but you’ll feel more confident knowing it’s there.

With great power, comes great confidence.

With its TSI petrol engine that refuses to compromise between power and efficiency, the new T-Roc packs a punch, giving you maximum torque even at low engine speeds. And with 4MOTION all-wheel drive enhancing both performance and grip, you’re sure to experience the thrill you’ve come to expect, making the new T-Roc the perfect partner for your next adventure.

Overseas model shown. Local specifications may vary

T-Roc 2020 Review

The T-Roc is set to blaze onto the scene in Australia, offering what appears to be a promising small SUV package…

Overseas model shown. Local specifications may vary

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Volkswagen Genuine Accessories ensures your T‑Cross remains 100% Volkswagen. The extensive range of T‑Roc accessories provides you the opportunity to adapt your T‑Roc even more precisely to your individual needs. From transport, exterior and interior solutions to alloy wheels that perfectly complement your T‑Roc.Optional accessories at extra cost. Overseas models are shown for illustrative purposes only.5Build your T-Roc online now  →
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